H3rescope stands as a pioneering interactive 3D software, offering Real Estate stakeholders and their clients a glimpse into the future of your project. Engineered with seamless interaction, cognitive excellence, and captivating immersion, H3rescope revolutionizes project sales and marketing strategies.
Herescope is the ideal software for anyone looking to elevate their marketing strategies to the next level, combining technology and design with a deep understanding of market needs. An investment capable of making a difference in the success of a real estate project.

01.  Informational desk

02.  H3S touchscreen

03.  Materials stock

04.  3D interactive mockup

05.  Meeting area

06.  Negotiation area

Innovation is the key to the success of your real estate projects.

Designed for seamless engagement, intellectual stimulation, and unforgettable experiences, our interactive showroom redefines how clients interact with Real Estate projects. Step into a world where innovation meets exploration, and let our showroom guide you towards the future of experiential marketing.
Control & analytics
Realistic environment
Dynamic gallery
Touch & responsive
User friendly
Virtual Tour
Filters configurator
Dynamic sunslider, day/night
mode, weather conditions
Streaming multiuser

Interactivity and design for a fresh approach to engage potential buyers.

Every element of our showroom has been designed to convey the values and vision of the project clearly and consistently. From the graphics to the installations, including the layout and design of the spaces, everything contributes to creating a coordinated and recognizable image that remains impressed in the minds of the visitors.

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